Thursday, May 29, 2008

Logan, Logan, Bo Bogan

It has been awhile since I did a little Logan update. He is doing well, just really busy and doesn't have a lot of time to sit for pictures like he used to. He turned 14 months old last week. I've got a little list of his latest:

{1} He head is starting to look pretty banged up with scrapes and bruises. He is becoming quite the little walker-along-furniture, but often misjudges and bumps it on the way down.

{2} He stands alone, but plays this game where we say ready, set, go and he stands alone for a few seconds and then purposely falls.

{3} He loves to hum! When his toys make music we will find him humming along. He is destined to be a wonderful musician.

{4} He loves to lay his head down on blankets and pillows whenever he sees them.

{5} He is starting to use a spoon and fork, although sometimes he actually puts the piece of food on the spoon or fork, he is getting fairly good.

{6} He has seven teeth, and I think molars are coming really soon, the backs of his gums are pretty swollen.

{7} He yells, jabbers, screams, and seems to be speaking, but in a foreign language that only Logan understands, but he has added a few words, including teeth and hot.

{8} He loves to go up to the TV and turn it on, and he loves the remotes, he will find them in the midst of a room-full of toys.

{9} He understands that he is in control of his movement by squirming and wiggling to let go of your hand or get off of your lap. He lets me know when he doesn't want to eat the thing I have just given him, because he knows there is something that he wants more.

{10} He is a crazy funny guy that is definitely good for a laugh!

Before and during his latest little trim.


Karen said...

I love the blank stare face :) He's such a cutie! I know Eli will be that big before I know it :( It does go by really fast. Eli turned 3 months on Sunday.

Valarie said...

What a busy, busy boy. The "owies" have just begun, it will only get worse. Love the sunglasses. Love, mom/grandma

Josh said...

He loves to put those glasses on, then take them off. Then on, then off... And they usually don't end up square on his face either, or even over his ears, but he always thinks that he is so cool.

Chrissy said...

I love it! He's getting so big and doing so many new and different things! I love the sunglasses! I can't wait to see him next month!

Tiffany said...

What cute pics! Nate is doing a lot of the same things- so fun!

The Roundy's said...

I love, love, love that toothy grin. It is so adorable! Fun to hear about all of his updates. He's growing up so fast!


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