Wednesday, April 20, 2011

They're Everywhere

The girls are so funny. They understand "No" and they love to try to do things they aren't supposed to. Eden is the master of getting outlet plugs out, she thinks it is the coolest thing ever. Tessa is constantly teasing Eden by holding something out to her until she tries to grab it, and then yanks it away. They are very curious and love, love, love to laugh, especially at Logan.

This is what I chase all day, girls crawling away from me.

They love to pick the most random toys, and then hold on for dear life to them for the entire day.

We put a bookshelf in their room this weekend and they are loving it. They both say "a buh" which means, a book. They will take all the books off the shelf and flip through the pages, especially Eden.

And this is the most creative outfit Logan has dressed himself in, to date. Long socks with shorts, folks. Bright green and light-blue patterned shorts.


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