Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Logan's first tooth finally popped up a couple of days ago. It is the bottom one on his left. It is so funny because he is always rubbing his tongue across it. The tooth right next to it is going to come up pretty soon, because the gums are all swollen. It was pretty much impossible to get a picture of the tooth, but if you had a microscope to look at this picture you may be able to see the glimmer of a tooth.

The holidays seem so much better this year, because Logan is experiencing them for the first time. We got a pumpkin and when we got home I let him play with it for awhile. We cleaned it out last night and I let him stick his hands inside, but he wasn't all that interested in it. I sat him on the newspaper, and he did love crinkling it the whole time I cleaned out the pumpkin. His hands were all black, but I think he had an excellent sensory activity!

This is Logan's Halloween Costume. He is "the training Rocky" or "stair running Rocky". We considered carrying around a recording of "Eye of the Tiger" but we thought that would be a little too much.

You should have seen the other baby.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Leopard Party

On October 26 (we have been counting down) we went to a little party at BYU for the release of leopard, the new operating system for Macs. It was on sale, and I told Josh earlier that if we were going to buy it eventually we might as well buy it when it is brand new. They also had fun little games and Logan got a stuffed leopard just for going and looking cute.

It was pretty funny, because they had a little guessing game. There were three different jars and Josh and I made a guess for all three. At the end of the night they announced the winners and I guessed 427 for the jar on the right and there were 424, so I won the jar. They announced another jar, and finally they announced the winner of the jar on the left and it was Josh! (I can't remember how many were in it :) So the two of us took our jars, slightly sad because we didn't win the free copy of leopard, but we did each have a little consolation prize.

Father and son, each happy because they got their own leopard.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Pumpkin Walk

Every year there is a pumpkin walk up near Logan where I grew up. I was excited that we were going to be in Logan while it was going on this year. I went with Logan last Friday, the 19th and took a lot of pictures, because the weather was supposed to be stormy and I didn't know if Josh would be able to see it. Luckily, it didn't rain all day and Josh was also able to go. Logan slept through most of it both days. He did wake up in enough time to be in the cardboard cut-out pictures at the end!

My nephew Peyton, and my sister-in-law Chelece painted the first pig on the left at their neighbor's house as part of the neighbor's entry.

I had to take a picture for the Cougs.

Logan didn't even cry at the witch.

Sesame Street was definitely my favorite exhibit. I just love all the little details they put in all the little booths.

Now you can feel like you were able to see part of the pumpkin walk, although I realized I didn't take any pictures of the ornately carved pumpkins that they keep inside a barn at the end of the pumpkin walk. They were so intricately carved, it was pretty amazing.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Highlights from Hogle Zoo

This is my favorite picture from the zoo. It is the ball at the entrance.

It was funny, because the giraffe had to spread its legs out really far to pick up the stick, from off the ground, with its mouth. I snapped the shot just as the giraffe was standing.

I assume Logan liked the zoo, although our communication isn't very good yet.

I made Josh put his hand up against this little sign. It doesn't happen very often that Josh's hand is the smaller of two hands being compared.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Different Point of View

I have some fun pictures to post, but I haven't had time to yet. We have some friends that have posted a couple of our recent adventures. Our trip to Hogle Zoo with Russ, Vhari, and Genevieve and my sister's travelogue of the trip to Logan.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

7 months

Logan turned 7 months yesterday. He is getting bigger, although we haven't had him weighed, I sure think he's gaining weight, especially the way he puts away solid foods. Logan has now tried quite the array of food. While we were in Logan he would get so frustrated when everyone was eating except him, even though he had just eaten. By the end of the week I would give him little bits of what I was eating. He seems to eat anything you put in front of him. He doesn't have all that many new tricks, although he clapped once yesterday, but even after clapping over and over for him, like fools, he refused to repeat his little trick.

Everyone has to take a picture by the A.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Josh!

Today is Josh's birthday and I just want him to have a great day. He is 27 years old. I am so lucky to have him as a husband. He is so kind, thoughtful, and fun to be around. Logan and I just love him :)

Logan and I went to Logan last week and Josh drove up on Friday. We had a lot of fun, this is one of the pictures we took on the campus of USU. The leaves are so pretty, I just love the fall.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Apples to Apples

We got this outfit from some friends several months ago. I have been just waiting to try it on Logan, so I did yesterday and it fits. We almost saved it for some kind of Halloween costume, but decided against it. Logan is such a laid back guy. He is finally on a pretty consistent schedule (Depending on the day :) and eats only 4 times per day.

Logan loves to stand. He would rather stand than sit and especially he would rather stand than be on his stomach. I think he can see what's going on better when he is upright.

Logan has always liked his feet. Sometimes he just starts chewing on them, like in the picture. I think it is pretty cute, baby feet are still alright, they haven't had the chance to make them smelly--yet.

One day, when I was getting ready to drive in the car, I saw this Praying Mantis on the top of our 4 Runner. I have been thinking that since I am the mom of a little boy I need to start paying attention to little-boy things, such as fun little bugs.

Logan's newest trick these past couple weeks has been blowing and saying, "bbbbbbb." One day while I was feeding him he used his new blowing talent to blow Gerber peas all over himself and the floor. He has used his taste buds to try random things Josh and I feed him in small amounts it is just so funny to see the reaction on his face! In addition to rice cereal he has also devoured: Oatmeal, Green beans, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, and just today Squash. He doesn't really care for apple juice, but I keep hoping he'll warm up to it, so I try and make him taste it again and again. This video is just a few of the fun noises he has been making lately.


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