Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Play

I sometimes can't get movies to work, that is why I haven't posted one in about the last year or so, but this one seems to be working, it is lower quality, but the girls are playing and still fun to watch, at least I think ;). Eden is getting into everything and Tessa won't be too far behind her. Time to baby-proof I guess. With Mr. Logan now into everything tiny, including Legos, we will see. Babies grow too fast :(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My little family is adorable.

I have the bestest friend in the whole wide world. You know the one? When you get back together it was like you never were apart. Well mine just so happens to be super-talented, too.

The only problem is I am using one of the pictures for my Christmas card, so if I usually send you a Christmas card, when it comes pretend like you have never seen the picture before, and if I haven't mailed you a Christmas card in the past, (yes through the USPS) get me your address and you can have our family pic hang on your fridge this year. With these twiners around I am trying to give myself plenty of time to get a few Christmas things done this year.


Eden and Tessa have now tried solids. That's right. The difference between having one and three is, with Logan we took a video and I actually had make-up on when we entered him into the new phase of eating solids. It was a big deal. I planned to do on exactly the day he turned 6 months. And with the girls Eden has basically been begging to start solids and the only real reason I hadn't done it yet was the mess. Don't get me wrong, I know kids should be messy and I want them to be, but I just wasn't sure I was ready for the day in and day out mess that I knew was inevitably coming. Finally Tuesday morning, 2 weeks to their 6-month marker, I decided it was just going to happen, and we did get a couple pics, for the special occasion.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Lightning Logan!

His arch nemeses "the Bee" and "the Monster"!

two teeth! Beautiful blue-eyed girl!

No teeth, but teething. Beautiful greenish-eye girl!


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