Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Eden and Tessa have now tried solids. That's right. The difference between having one and three is, with Logan we took a video and I actually had make-up on when we entered him into the new phase of eating solids. It was a big deal. I planned to do on exactly the day he turned 6 months. And with the girls Eden has basically been begging to start solids and the only real reason I hadn't done it yet was the mess. Don't get me wrong, I know kids should be messy and I want them to be, but I just wasn't sure I was ready for the day in and day out mess that I knew was inevitably coming. Finally Tuesday morning, 2 weeks to their 6-month marker, I decided it was just going to happen, and we did get a couple pics, for the special occasion.


Valarie said...

They look really happy to be going to the next stage. You're right, your family is adorable.

Chelece said...

So cute! It looks like it went well. Good luck with the daily mess from solid foods.


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