Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1st Live Football Game

For Logan that is. Thanks to our fabulous neighbors Logan and Josh enjoyed some bonding time. They went to some pre-game tailgating and Logan won the big finger!

Josh let him take some pictures. He really liked that the band made a "Y" on the field.

And he took this picture of a chair that some friendly seat-neighbors let him borrow for awhile. He stayed awake the whole game and had a lot of fun.

No . . . these ladies did not attend. They were sleeping before the game even started, but I managed to get a couple of cute pics the other day.

As you can see in the background, trying on shoes is an important part of the day.

So cute. Makes up for all that chasing around I do all day :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just a Glimpse

Because Josh reminded me that I really am gonna miss this. "This" being twin toddlers and a 4 year old. Sometimes in the moment it is hard to realize that someday the girls will clean up after themselves and not be so outwardly needy. This Logan preschool thing has helped me see that my children can and will have a life outside of me. He is learning and growing and I am not involved in every second of it. And that is ok, hard sometimes, but ok. And so too, the girls will reach that point, but right now I happen to be an important part of the busy world they run around in. I want to start paying attention to what is happening instead of all the things I am not getting done. Because raising babies is time-consuming stuff.
  • Tessa spends a lot of time holding her baby and bringing the blanket over to me so she can wrap him up. Then she says, "Shh, shh, shh." while she rocks him.
  • Eden loves the story of the three little bears and will bring the book over, say "bears" and back-up to sit in my lap to listen to the story, saying "mmm" on the page that says that. Both girls love to read books, although Tessa sometimes "tosses" the book a bit hard indicating she would like to have it read.
  • Dressing the girls each day is pretty much always my decision, which is fun, and they both still love trying on clothes and shoes.
  • Singing songs is a nightly family ritual before the girls go to bed. Both girls do the actions to "Once there was a snowman" and "Eency weency spider" and it is pretty darn cute.
  • Logan says pretty funny things quite often. I need to start carrying a notepad around to jot them down as he says them, because I always forget.
  • While the girls are obviously not into cooperative play yet, they do play well together for the most part, I even put Logan and myself in the gate yesterday and we built with legos while the girls played with the pretend kitchen.
  • Sometimes we go outside to watch for Josh to come home. The girls both start yelling, "Dad!" and "Dad-dy!" when they see him coming.
  • my girls and Mr. Logan are pretty-good sleepers. They all go to bed fairly easily and early, which is awesome.
  • I am going to finish the 2nd consecutive book before we meet for book-club!

Perhaps the one of the best things of all is that Logan is planning on becoming a chef and opening his own restaurant. Quite possibly the best thing imaginable. The mother of a chef? Yes, please. He even told Josh one day that he could come work in his restaurant. The other day at lunch Logan asked for a camera and took this picture . . .

a portion of his lunch. Applesauce with a bit of cinnamon and sugar, alongside a gogurt. Perhaps you may also visit his restaurant one day. I believe it is going to be his version of American classics. Macaroni and cheese most definitely will be served.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September Love

We decided our family loves September. Logan gets to go to preschool, Josh is practically giddy about football, I love all the tasty produce and of course, sweatshirt/actually-being-able-to-go-outside-in-the-afternoon weather, and the girls just love life in general. September is pretty awesome for us.

1st day of preschool. We both took him, while grandma watched the girls. He wanted a picture with me ;)

As crazy as I am, I let the ladies delve into the rice they have seen played with so many times. Tessa does pretty well . . . Eden is still learning to keep it in the table.

but it allowed me to make this . . .

Saag Aloo. Thanks to Janice I had a spice blend that made it fairly simple, and Josh said with a little hot-ness (it was mild, I'm new at this!) It would be even better. Who knew spinach could taste so good?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

And So it Begins . . .

For the past, oh . . . year and a half :) we don't venture out as frequently as I did when I just had Mr. Logan, but the girls (and I) transitioned to one nap about a month or so ago, which leaves us a bit more time to do things, if those things include the kids, things that require my 100% or at least 80% are still not getting done very often:). The biggest change is going to be revolving around school for the first time in years. Mr. Logan starts preschool next week! He was able to meet his teacher and see his classroom this week and he (and I) are very excited! I told him I want to go to school with him, but I can't. I miss working with kids and all this preschool visiting has made me miss it all the more, but Logan will have a great time!

He is into taking things apart. Josh had some tools out, and Logan started unscrewing a couple cars, I did not help him at all. Teeny, tiny screws, unscrewed by Logan. He conceived and carried out the idea all by himself.

He loves to play with his sisters, but it is time for him to play with peers more often. He ends up helping me take care of babies much of the day.

. . . and a few of the crazy ladies that run around our house. A twinado, as I have heard the toddler twin duos referred to before. They fit the bill.

They aren't into toys as much as anything the isn't a toy. Clothes and shoes are still a strong favorite. But ipods, remotes and phones also top the things they run after most often, as well as Logan toys that haven't been put away.

What a nice sister. They are about as cute as they are crazy, so I guess it balances out ;)


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