Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All is Well

The Logan I know and love has re-emerged! We have been having great days, sometimes the girls do what I expect them to and have some predictability, leaving time to hang out with Logan. Josh even coaxed me to go on a walk yesterday morning and I walked to a local elementary school and let Logan play on the toys. I have missed walking, it felt so good.

He is playing with his cousins this morning and the girls are sleeping (for now :) which leaves me almost frantic at these points trying to get a couple of things done. Slowly but surely, I feel like I can cope with everyday life. A couple of times I have even cooked or started to cook dinner by the time Josh get home! And speaking of Josh, he is the best. I know I have said it before, but I am one lucky girl.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Days go by

We have almost made it two months, and for those of you wondering, there are good days and bad days and good moments and challenging moments throughout the day. Luckily we have awesome family and friends who are still willing to help. I had a very productive weekend with a lot of my family here, and this morning I was able to go to Costco with Logan while Kathy watched the girls.

Logan loves to take pictures whenever he sees the camera or when he's bored. Most of those times tend to be when I am breastfeeding, so here is a G-rated shot.

Trying to take pictures of the babies is tough. One will usually be fussing by the time the other one is ready and Logan of course wants to "help" the entire time. :)

Megan made these cute onesies.

Tessa smiles a lot these days.

Logan tends to take a few sweet pics in his mix.

And I found out one of my best friends is moving to North Carolina. I am going to be missing these days (I stole this picture of her blog from about 2 years ago) :

my walking/chatting buddy of the last three years. What will I do without our chats, sometimes the only reason I would get dressed and out of the house. She knows me almost as well as I know myself. My heart is sad.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Almost 7 Weeks!

I have 3 children currently asleep, and although I should be napping, I am updating the blog with pictures from yesterday, crazy current, I know.

Poor Tessa. She has lost all the hair on top, and looks like a bald man, Peter Breinholt, or Tobias from Arrested Development. I have faith she will have hair again, I have been trying to put hats or bows on her when we are in public. We had the babies weighed again yesterday, and for those of you who know how much a struggle it has been, Tessa was 7 lbs 12 oz. Yay! She is almost 8 lbs. and Eden was 9 lbs. 4 oz., I think. I am still breastfeeding, supplementing formula, and it has been a struggle to say the least. I hope to update the blog with the birth story next time I have a chance, for anyone who was curious. (I love to read different birth stories :) Giving birth to twins vaginally = easier than these first 7 weeks. And much, much less painful. Too bad there is no epidural for breast feeding.

I seriously wish I had a photographer that was with me 24/7, because I always forget to take pictures unless Chrissy and Karen are around :) And these little beauties look darling everyday.

We're getting a few of these moments. Babies that fall asleep in the pack and play on their own, and last night I got 7 hours sleep with an hour break in between. Pretty much awesome compared to how things have been. Things are looking up!!!!!!


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