Tuesday, February 26, 2008

11 months

On Saturday Logan turned 11 months!

His favorite new adventures include:
  • Practicing his new found skill of crawling
  • Babbling with some recognizable attempts at words, although none that fit the official description of a first word. "Dad" is probably the closest.
  • Finding everything that he can't have
  • Stacking things and fitting things together
  • Eating pretty much all the time
  • Unloading secret places: Boxes, his diaper bag, cupboards, and finding treasures inside.
  • Making huge messes while doing everything
  • Growing up way too fast!

Friday, February 22, 2008

It is Officially Time to Baby-proof

Logan has been getting around pretty well, but yesterday he actually started to crawl! He isn't perfect yet, but he is figuring it out! He still combines rolling and scooting with the crawling. I did realize I need to change a few things in the apartment around. Logan leaves a path of destruction throughout the house. Honestly though, I am glad he is crawling!

*Pay no attention to the cables or cords in the background of the video*

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Handsome Little Man

This little outfit was a baby shower gift. It is fun to have Logan fit into it! When I looked at these pictures I thought, Logan is starting to look so old!

Logan also has some other news . . . his tooth on the top came in! I don't know if I will ever get a picture of it, now that he is such a wiggle worm.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Sweet Finds

So, I've wanted get a cute lamp for Logan since before he was born, and today we found one.

I also decided before Logan was born that he was going to love trains. Or rather, I like to think that I sensed that he would like them.

So today while we were walking though the Stonewater showroom we bought him this sweet train lamp. It has a antique looking train base that Logan isn't going to grow out of in a couple of years.

The lampshade has a two toned look that, again, adds to the vintage style. (The light isn't on in the picture.)

We also bought a "Bless Our Home" wall decoration to match the "Families Are Forever" one that Justin & Jana gave me for Christmas.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Curious Logan

Logan is getting around pretty well now. He isn't traditionally crawling, but he scoots backwards, rolls around, and pivots. All these techniques combined allow him to go wherever he wants around the apartment. His favorite spots are shelves, drawers, and anything else that looks mischievous. His loves to find hidden things. I put random things in a box and let him take the items out one by one. He also loves to unload his board books from the bottom shelf. I put them back on and he does it again.

In the book I have been reading, it suggested putting items in a drawer in the kitchen and it has been the best thing! Logan is entertained for a long time, while I am in the kitchen. I put in everything that he can play with (those cookie cutters are the perfect thing!). He takes them all out and makes piles on the floor. I put them back in and he begins again.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Logan Loves to Laugh

It is always interesting to me the things that make Logan laugh. Last night before bed, which is when he gets a little silly, he was laughing at Josh while playing with the blocks. Some of the blocks have a hole in the middle and Josh got the cylinder block that fits inside the round hole and blew them across the room, which was apparently very funny. Logan's head drops further and further with each laugh attack.

Monday, February 4, 2008


My grandma Wood passed away back in August. She was a very practical and thoughtful person. For my baby shower she sent my mom with her gift. It was this pack of onesies. They are plain white and very useful. They are just the size for Logan to start wearing and especially nice for the winter, because I like to put him in layers. The only problem is that they were the last gift I will ever get from my grandma Wood, so part of me wants to keep them in the package forever. I know my grandma would tell me that was silly and say, "all right all ready! Just open the package and let him get good use out of them." So I think I will, open them that is . . . in a few days.
The summer I came home from Snow College I told my grandma I wanted her to teach me to do counted cross stitch. My grandma was very good with her hands. She sewed, cross stitched, and knitted just to name a few of her skills. So that summer in 2003 she thought it would be good for me to start with a state flower from one of her books, because they are fairly simple (as simple as counted cross stitch can be). So she showed me how to keep your place and gave me a magnet board and magnets, a little trick of hers to keep track of your stitches. She gave me the pattern and embroidery floss. I worked on it a little that summer, and then got busy and it was put in a drawer. It followed me through all my apartments, partially done. I got it out recently and thought I should finish it, kind of as a remembrance to my grandma. That is when I realized it was Alaska's state flower, which is the forget-me-not. I smiled to myself and thought, how fitting. I was able to finish it and plan on getting it framed.


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