Friday, February 15, 2008

Curious Logan

Logan is getting around pretty well now. He isn't traditionally crawling, but he scoots backwards, rolls around, and pivots. All these techniques combined allow him to go wherever he wants around the apartment. His favorite spots are shelves, drawers, and anything else that looks mischievous. His loves to find hidden things. I put random things in a box and let him take the items out one by one. He also loves to unload his board books from the bottom shelf. I put them back on and he does it again.

In the book I have been reading, it suggested putting items in a drawer in the kitchen and it has been the best thing! Logan is entertained for a long time, while I am in the kitchen. I put in everything that he can play with (those cookie cutters are the perfect thing!). He takes them all out and makes piles on the floor. I put them back in and he begins again.


Lindsay said...

What a clever idea! I'll have to try these out....before too much longer Garrett will more mobile and itching for stuff to occupy him while I'm working on dinner. We don't have any low drawers in our kitchen (we're actually lucky to even have ONE drawer!), so I think I might modify it a bit and put a bin of things for him to play with on the bottom shelf of our microwave stand. Thanks for the good ideas!

Karen said...

That is a clever idea!! Good thing we are far away from that stage. In a couple weeks, we'll mainly just work on surviving ;) Logan looks like he might finally have some cheeks in these pictures. Too cute!


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