Friday, December 7, 2012

43 second Window

A Little Window

I can't get the movie to work, but maybe later :( A little 43 second window into my life!

Pretty soon they both won't be able to fit in the bath like this!

Talking on her phone ;)

At least they are wearing helmets :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Crazies

A blog post?!

Yes.  I finally have two girls sleeping with a few minutes to spare. My pictures from the past couple months are somewhere else, but I chose these few, because my current life is consumed in motherhood. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Logan truly Lost his first tooth

I started this blog when Logan was 3 months old. I posted about his first tooth, and here I am posting about him losing it :)
We were eating some pizza and watching a movie on Friday night. Suddenly he says, "WHERE IS MY TOOTH?!" We looked all over, but we decided he must have swallowed it. His tooth has been loose awhile, so we have been talking about him "loosing" it. He turned to us after we couldn't find it and says. "I really did lose it, I guess." Ha! Comedian.

Lucky for him the Tooth Fairy still came for the fist time to our home :)

And a couple of fan pics :) Tessa is saying "BYU"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Another First

Dear Logan,

You started Kindergarten today. You were so excited! I can already tell you are going to be such a good student and you will do well in school, because you already love learning. You often think of others and spent time explaining to your sisters that you were going to be in school and they would miss you. I don't think you were nervous at all, in fact I was more nervous than you.

Yesterday we were getting ready and I made you a sign to hold for a picture on the first day. You wanted to make your own sign to hold. You are a project-minded guy. Last week you worked on making a cardboard transformer costume, based on a video of one we watched together. You usually don't like to paint when I ask, but one day you decked out in a paint-shirt and got all the paint out, and painted your costume. You are a go-getter.

I know you will love Kindergarten. You will make friends and learn and grow. You are so big and just amazing.

I am so lucky I get to be your mom.



P. S. I really hope your loose tooth doesn't fall out at school. I want to be there for that. Just another first I don't want to miss.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Kids

With Logan starting school soon our lives will never quite be the same. And most of me is wishing he was going to preschool again. Too bad he is so big, maybe I could sneak in one more year if he were average-sized. 

Two two-year-olds is a challenge, but life is full of challenges. This is just our current one. They are cute, just trouble-makers. We had to install a chain on our front door. They figured out how to escape, I also wouldn't mind if their fine-motor skills were lagged a bit behind. It is amazing to realize how big my kids are, crazy big. And wanting to be independent. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Balloon Fest, among Other Things :)

 Apparently, I have been away from blogger for awhile :) New formatting and everything!

We went to the Balloon Festival this morning. It is early, but oh my goodness. Just look at the beautiful pictures. Tessa was a bit scared for awhile, but she settled down when the balloons got into the air.

This was also the first year Josh was invited to the Freedom Festival Gala, which was super-fun. We got all dressed up, and we didn't even take pics. Rats. I am grateful to my dear friend Sheri. I wore her high school prom dress for the 3rd time :)

We sure do love the 4th of July around here.

 Upon uploading pictures I decided to add a few others. Bonnie and I spent a day canning her home-grown cherries in the form of jam. It was a lot of work, but fun to spend the day doing it with a friend :) And luckily I have a mother-in-law who let us use her home and tools for the occasion! Logan helped with the cherry-pitting. He was just the height to get cherry juice splattered all over his face!

This little beauty was a birthday present of sorts :) I hadn't ridden a bike for . . . oh about 15 years ;) Josh fixed his old bike, we got the trailer, and it has been fun. Logan has been a good sport to ride amazingly long distances for a newbie, and I have found a new hobby that I love. I feel like a kid again, every time I ride. And no wonder we get the saying, "it's like riding a bike" truly it is. Jumped back on, no problem :)

Positive mothering moments, in-between the stress and craziness that come with the raising of these young children. Lately, they seem few and far between, but I am trying to surround myself with more positive reflections. Eden and Tessa are themselves practicing to be mothers. Shushing their babies, changing diapers, feeding. It truly is an amazing thing.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Springy Things

 To transition me (yes, me, let's be honest!) to have Logan now home, because preschool is over, he went to this sports camp thing 4 morning for an hour. He ended up loving it. They went over Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Football. He is going to swimming lessons starting Monday and he is very excited :)

 Loving, loving, loving the weather. We got the ladies a trike, so everyone has something to ride outside, and we are using them a lot.

My Grandma is amazing. She has been making cakes since about forever and I am sure she just freehanded this thing. Logan took forever deciding what to have. I thought he was going to be the one decisive person in our family, but turns out he isn't.

And Tessa now climbs out of her crib and the pack and play. Logan never did this, so it is a new thing for me. It is not fun and I am trying to decide if we should switch the girls to beds, (WHAT?!) my biggest nightmare, or keep trying to use the cribs. So far she has climbed out a thousand times and only fallen once. Eden puts her leg up because she watches Tessa, but I am thinking she is too nervous to really try. Love to hear ideas, although we aren't going the crib-tent route.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring, and a lot of things actually ;)

Sometimes we attempt the store, either this way or in a car cart :)

Logan turned 5! I need to get a picture of him on his new bike :)


I had wanted to do April Fools for Logan, it ended up being on April 2nd, but I made a meatloaf "cake" and although he was there while I made it, he must not have been paying attention. He really believed that it was a cake, it was hilarious watching him try it :)

Yes, the ladies may look sweet and innocent, but their developmentally appropriate surge of independence, "ME DO IT", and general curiosity has led to what I have previously referred to as the "twinado". Sometimes I think I should jot down lists of everything they get into, mostly for me, so I can look at it and laugh sometime. While it is going on, staring at the completely unrolled toilet roll of toilet paper, is not funny, not funny at all. Mostly, I try and snap a picture if I remember and I am not too furious :)

Getting into my mascara.


Easter! The best present I could ever want. Josh had no morning meetings!!!

The best pic I could get. Logan had to have the transformer, and I couldn't get both girls to look and smile at the same time.

Although this stay-at-home mom thing is tiring and hard some days, there are they beautiful moments I find like this moment captured in the picture. My son, reading to his sisters. Those are the moments I remember that I love what I do and I am grateful that I have been blessed with my children.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little Green among other things

Words for the "word wall" at school. He read them :)


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