Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Balloon Fest, among Other Things :)

 Apparently, I have been away from blogger for awhile :) New formatting and everything!

We went to the Balloon Festival this morning. It is early, but oh my goodness. Just look at the beautiful pictures. Tessa was a bit scared for awhile, but she settled down when the balloons got into the air.

This was also the first year Josh was invited to the Freedom Festival Gala, which was super-fun. We got all dressed up, and we didn't even take pics. Rats. I am grateful to my dear friend Sheri. I wore her high school prom dress for the 3rd time :)

We sure do love the 4th of July around here.

 Upon uploading pictures I decided to add a few others. Bonnie and I spent a day canning her home-grown cherries in the form of jam. It was a lot of work, but fun to spend the day doing it with a friend :) And luckily I have a mother-in-law who let us use her home and tools for the occasion! Logan helped with the cherry-pitting. He was just the height to get cherry juice splattered all over his face!

This little beauty was a birthday present of sorts :) I hadn't ridden a bike for . . . oh about 15 years ;) Josh fixed his old bike, we got the trailer, and it has been fun. Logan has been a good sport to ride amazingly long distances for a newbie, and I have found a new hobby that I love. I feel like a kid again, every time I ride. And no wonder we get the saying, "it's like riding a bike" truly it is. Jumped back on, no problem :)

Positive mothering moments, in-between the stress and craziness that come with the raising of these young children. Lately, they seem few and far between, but I am trying to surround myself with more positive reflections. Eden and Tessa are themselves practicing to be mothers. Shushing their babies, changing diapers, feeding. It truly is an amazing thing.


MOMster said...

My girls did that too, taking care of their little babies. It's awfully cute to watch. The balloon festival is fun. I took my kiddos there once and that was enough for another year or two. It's too early for their grumpy selves. ;)

Natalie said...

Oh how fun! I miss going to the balloon festival with you! Your kids (especially your girls) are getting so big!
As for riding a bike-- I totally know what you're talking about! I got a bike for the first time last year since leaving my parent's home and it was awesome! Even though I was pregnant, it was so much fun to ride around.

Chrissy said...

I love it! I seriously need to come for the 4th and enjoy the balloon festival with you guys! It looks so fun!

HettyA said...

It's so great to see the little ones learn soothing as they play. :) Makes you know you're doing something right!


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