Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring, and a lot of things actually ;)

Sometimes we attempt the store, either this way or in a car cart :)

Logan turned 5! I need to get a picture of him on his new bike :)


I had wanted to do April Fools for Logan, it ended up being on April 2nd, but I made a meatloaf "cake" and although he was there while I made it, he must not have been paying attention. He really believed that it was a cake, it was hilarious watching him try it :)

Yes, the ladies may look sweet and innocent, but their developmentally appropriate surge of independence, "ME DO IT", and general curiosity has led to what I have previously referred to as the "twinado". Sometimes I think I should jot down lists of everything they get into, mostly for me, so I can look at it and laugh sometime. While it is going on, staring at the completely unrolled toilet roll of toilet paper, is not funny, not funny at all. Mostly, I try and snap a picture if I remember and I am not too furious :)

Getting into my mascara.


Easter! The best present I could ever want. Josh had no morning meetings!!!

The best pic I could get. Logan had to have the transformer, and I couldn't get both girls to look and smile at the same time.

Although this stay-at-home mom thing is tiring and hard some days, there are they beautiful moments I find like this moment captured in the picture. My son, reading to his sisters. Those are the moments I remember that I love what I do and I am grateful that I have been blessed with my children.


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