Tuesday, September 23, 2008

18 months

It seems the older Logan gets the more complex he is! He is growing and learning in so many ways, I can't even keep track and my little lists don't seem quite comprehensive enough. I guess the best description of Logan now is he is his own little person. Through the course of the day he is happy at times and frustrated at times, just like anyone. He is doing some funny things though . . .

He is obsessed with where things belong. I had a rolled up piece of material on the table for awhile, because I hadn't put it away. One day I put it in our bedroom. Well, Logan found it later that day in our bedroom and carried in into the kitchen and put it on the table. Apparently it sat too long on the table, and that became its permanent home.

His memory is getting so much better. It could be that I have just noticed it lately, but he remembers a lot of things, especially about what we read in his books. We like to read Corduroy sometimes, and when Corduroy tries to pull of the button from the bed Josh always puts his finger in his mouth to make a pop sound. One day Logan and I were reading it together, without Josh, and when it came to that page he put his finger in his mouth. At first I didn't catch it, but then I said, "Oh, is that what Dad does?".

His vocabulary is growing really fast, and I am trying to figure out his "real" words versus just mimicking us, but he knows a lot of words on his own. He loves applesauce and I was carrying a jar of it into the house and before I said anything he said, "applesauce" which is a word he uses quite a lot. Today I was getting breakfast ready and Josh was finished with his shower so I said to Logan, "Can you go tell Dad it's time for breakfast?" He went down the hall and found Josh. I heard Logan say, "Breakfast."

He loves his Mr. Potato head and he always finds the glasses and says, "Glasses" then he tries to put the little glasses on his face until they stay, but they are way too small.

He loves stickers and I let him have them a lot. He now knows how to take them off the paper and stick them everywhere on his body.

I have always tried to balance funny things on his head and say hat, so now he does it himself. Everything goes on his head and he tried to balance it himself and say "Hat". The other day it was his sandal, but it is also sometimes forks and spoons.

He loves games of chase, but what kid doesn't?

He gets concerned about things that fall, or spill, or if you walk too far away from him in public. He has this sort of quiet wine thing, that means he is worried.

He still loves to stack whatever is lying around, cans, toys, dishes and the other day I watched him stack 6 blocks in a tower!

He loves outside, and I have had to come up with new ideas on how to get him inside when it's time.

He loves to say "Go" after we count one, two, three.

He runs on little errands for us, "Logan, can you get my shoes?", "Logan, can you throw this in the trash?", "Logan can you put this in the sink".

There are so many things he is doing, he is really busy! Too many to list, this is just a few.

I love having him in our little family. Yesterday Josh, Logan, and I all shared an Oreo ice cream shake and as simple as that is, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Quest

BYU football is in the air and the Cougars are doing so well, it makes the games even more fun to watch! We love to show our Cougar Pride.

Logan can even say, "Cougars". Go Cougars!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Holes, Spiders, and Slides . . . Oh My!

So this week has been a little crazy around our apartment. The moral of the story is to fix leaks . . .

. . . before the roof comes crashing down into the bathtub.

Almost completely all better, one more coat of spackle and a paint job and it will be practically as good as new. {FYI: We reported the leak when it was small.}

And be very, very careful to look before opening windows. There just may be a black widow spider hanging out.

And enjoy the ride. Logan goes down the slide by himself and has a blast.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Logan just loves Babies

Logan a couple of cousins that are just younger than him. He loves to give them hugs and kisses every time we go visit.

He also loves to say "Baby".

This last weekend we all got together and took pictures of the three little ones. He doesn't look particularly pleased, but it is my best picture of all three. Chrissy also posted about her fun little baby-sitting experience of Logan, you can check him out playing the piano and smiling at his cousin.


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