Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy Babies

and mama too.

At the girls 9 month check-up the girls were on the slim-side, surprise, surprise. And in these past 6 weeks I spend my time trying to bulk-up the babes. I think they are getting bigger, although I haven't had them weighed since. Today Tessa was wearing 12-month jeans, and they really did seem to fit.

When they aren't eating or sleeping, they are getting into things. They are both crawling on their hands and knees and they are getting pretty fast, especially when they see Logan's bedroom door open. Eden does a run-crawl thing, and she is fast.

Eden is also pulling herself up, and opening drawers and emptying everything out of anything she can find. All the toys out of her drawer, the clean clothes from my laundry basket. She has two teeth on top now too, which makes me laugh when she really cheeses her smile.

We were playing downstairs and when I turned around I saw Eden halfway up the stairs. I didn't even know she could climb them, and there she was up half-way. The girl is much more of a mover than Logan.

And they are talking. I swear Tessa says "kiss" and "yes". They sign "more" and "all-done". They both say "mama" and although I am pretty sure it is nonspecific, I like to think they are talking about me ;)

One day at the end of their nap I hear laughing and I came in to see them looking at each other through the bars of their cribs, just laughing.

I think we need some of those child-proof drawer things before she figures out how to climb those things.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

4 years

Celebrating Logan's birthday is almost as fun as celebrating my own and I love that we get to keep celebrating it this weekend.

Logan picked out the girls shirts. And we took him to breakfast. Our little family of 5, it was the first time we have gone out by ourselves, it only took 10 months!

These are some recent pictures of Mr. Logan.

Tracing his Letters

This past year has been a little tough, what with birthing and raising the girls and Logan has been with me every step of the way. Some days I have been tired and grumpy and just plain busy from trying to keep our house running and taking care of the needs of the family. Logan ends up getting the brunt of my grumpiness, which I feel guilty about.

We have been playing a game where we use the sheet above and we think of a word for every letter of the alphabet and I write it down. A couple weeks a go he said he wanted to write, so I let him at it. The first word he wrote was CAT, the second one was LOGAN, and the third was MOM. I helped him with EDEN, and he was planning on writing TESSA, but he realized he needed to practice writing the letter "S" a few times first, it has been a little tricky for him. I never realized how amazing it would be to see the letters M-O-M written down. But it meant a lot to me. An awful lot. And all my worries about taking care of the girls and not having as much time for him were put to rest. He loves his sisters. He truly does.

We went in for his 4 year check-up today, he is 47 lbs. and 45''. He is above the 95% on both. He is my big guy and I love him. I am glad to have him. 4 years ago I never knew what it would be like to be a mom, now I know a little.


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