Tuesday, February 22, 2011

9 months ago . . .

my water broke.

And about 12 hours later, these gorgeous girls were in my arms.

Glad to have made it 38 1/2 weeks, but ready to meet my girlies!

With the girls being 9 months, and born at 38 weeks, they have now been out longer than they were in ;) I haven't had time to document all the new things they are doing, but currently they are waving, clapping and they are both giving kisses; to me, Josh, Logan, and each other.

It is beautiful.

I love watching my babies grow, and as crazy and busy as it is having these kidlets, sometimes, when Logan says something that makes me laugh out loud, or just watching the girls play and experience everything for the first time, I just wish they didn't grow so darn fast.

5 Weeks

2 months

3 months

8 1/2 months

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I {Heart}

I went through Logan's old clothes to find some bigger warm pajammas and the result was the cutest kids ever. We love the Cougar blue around here.

It seems for the past two months my kidlets have been sick off and on, the girls noses have been running for the past week. I am hoping they get over it soon.

I am just loving the internet and blogging these days. I have craft blogs on my reader I love to browse. I made these little crocheted hearts from this Little Birdie Secrets Tutorial. Super cute, although, Eden has decided she won't wear headbands :(. Tessa isn't bothered, but Eden takes it off the second you put it on, and if she sees Tessa wearing one, she immediately grabs hers.

And decorated mantles are darling, and luckily I have one to decorate. I started with a simple sewed garland. I don't usually decorate much for holidays, but I think I might start!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Hands are Full

Photo by Karen Gallup Photography

Lately, when I am out in public with all the kiddos (which isn't very often, I'll be honest) I have been getting the comment, "Well don't you have your hands full." Sometimes with a laugh and added conversation and sometimes with raised eyebrows. I spend so much time at home carting around two infants, one in each arm, and Logan, the 3 year old, under-toe, I forgot it might look a little strange to someone not used to seeing such a sight. But I love my full hands. And all too soon they won't be so full anymore, so as crazy as I might look sometimes, I will continue to carry around one infant in each arm and keep my little guy by my side.

This is the way we travel, or Logan in the front with one of the babies in a sling.

"I have a tooth. Do you have a tooth? I have a tooth."


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