Tuesday, February 22, 2011

9 months ago . . .

my water broke.

And about 12 hours later, these gorgeous girls were in my arms.

Glad to have made it 38 1/2 weeks, but ready to meet my girlies!

With the girls being 9 months, and born at 38 weeks, they have now been out longer than they were in ;) I haven't had time to document all the new things they are doing, but currently they are waving, clapping and they are both giving kisses; to me, Josh, Logan, and each other.

It is beautiful.

I love watching my babies grow, and as crazy and busy as it is having these kidlets, sometimes, when Logan says something that makes me laugh out loud, or just watching the girls play and experience everything for the first time, I just wish they didn't grow so darn fast.

5 Weeks

2 months

3 months

8 1/2 months


Chrissy said...

Oh how I love those girlies!!! Cute blog, thanks for posting!!

Launi said...

little sweeties! i can't believe they're that old already!

Chelece said...

I love the cute pictures. Don't you love looking back and seeing how far the kids and mommy have come. What blessing our kids are too us.

Grandma Valarie said...

Adorable post. We had a great time seeing you on Monday. Being a grandma is the best-well except the getting old part.

MOMster said...

Oh my uber cuteness!!! You have such beautiful girls! They look so teeny tiny in that first picture. I'm amazed that you carried them so long, given the track record for so many twins. That's awesome! Way to go, mom!

doodlebug said...

My niece is now pregnant with twin boys.....do you have any advice for her? She's attending a mother of multiples group that meets once a month and seems to be loving that! I love reading your blog and seeing your life with Josh progress. :)


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