Saturday, May 25, 2013

3 Years

Here we are. The girls are 3 years old and I can hardly believe it. That is the crazy thing about being a mom. Seeing these ladies grow day by day makes it hard to tell how big they are. Whenever I happen to see a picture of them one or two years ago, I am blown away and how much they can do now, compared to before. I tend to focus on all the things they are getting into and how often they are fighting and not-so-much on the positives, but these ladies are truly amazing. I fill my pinterest quote board with sayings I find about "babies don't keep" and "sticky floors mean good experiences" and the like to keep my sanity semi-in-check. (It comes and goes)

Truly sisters do make the best friends and I hope these ladies remain best friends the rest of eternity. They are so blessed to have each other. 

When they are actually getting along :) I think about how nice it must be to have a constant playmate. They get along with other friends, but they get to have someone around to play with always. I have such a passion for child development and watching the new ways they play is so interesting. They are into pretending and all kinds of dolls and things lately, and I love to hear what they have their dolls tell each other.

Because I need to remember something besides craziness, a few things I want to remember:

Eden and Tessa often refer to Eden as "little mom" and me as "big mom" when they are in the midst of playing house. It is too confusing if they just go about saying "mom".

Tessa loves to read and talk. She memorizes all sorts of her favorite books. They like to "read" to us and when Eden "reads" she just tells the story and it is impossible for Tessa to listen without correcting Eden by giving her the word for word prompts she is missing.

I nicknamed Eden "The Puzzler" because the lady has an uncanny ability for doing puzzles. There was a day recently she did 6 or 7, 24 piece puzzles throughout the day. With no help.

They are both super-independant and like to do everything for themselves. I have given up on trying to style their hair and correct their shoes, it will come with time.

I took them for a much-needed bike-ride to the park and as I watched them try and succeed at many of the toys I didn't remember them being able to do, I was amazed at their growth and development. Time goes by much too quickly.


Grandma Valarie said...

Happy Birthday Eden and Tessa! Thanks for sharing your feelings with us, Tiff. We look forward to seeing you all on the 8th.

MOMster said...

It's strange to think that your "babies" are now three. I remember reading your blog when they were born! How does time go so fast!

They sure are cuties! They have such awesome parents!

g said...

They're getting so big!

Chelece said...

Happy Birthday girls! I hope it was a great day for all of you.


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