Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Logan loves clementines. He will peel it himself and then stick his finger in the middle and separate the pieces and then line them up in a row. Then he proceeds to eat the orange. I have had to ration his orange intake to only 1 per meal (3 per day). He still asks for one about every hour.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leaves are Falling all Around

I finally went outside with Logan to play in the leaves. I love actually watching leaves fall to the ground from the tree. There is nothing better than leaves to play in.

Also, Logan has created a new contraction. He says all the time "I amn't this or I amn't that" He must have just created it and instead of combining I'm he combines am and not. So funny.

Yesterday he was watching part of Mulan and when he was telling Josh later he said, "Yeah I just love that Move-on."

And he takes pictures of pretty much everything. Sometime I will have to post the best ones, they usually end up being the "real" pictures of our life, half eaten applesauce jars, crumbs on the table, and me first thing in the morning. We'll see if there are any that are approved.


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