Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Springy Things

 To transition me (yes, me, let's be honest!) to have Logan now home, because preschool is over, he went to this sports camp thing 4 morning for an hour. He ended up loving it. They went over Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Football. He is going to swimming lessons starting Monday and he is very excited :)

 Loving, loving, loving the weather. We got the ladies a trike, so everyone has something to ride outside, and we are using them a lot.

My Grandma is amazing. She has been making cakes since about forever and I am sure she just freehanded this thing. Logan took forever deciding what to have. I thought he was going to be the one decisive person in our family, but turns out he isn't.

And Tessa now climbs out of her crib and the pack and play. Logan never did this, so it is a new thing for me. It is not fun and I am trying to decide if we should switch the girls to beds, (WHAT?!) my biggest nightmare, or keep trying to use the cribs. So far she has climbed out a thousand times and only fallen once. Eden puts her leg up because she watches Tessa, but I am thinking she is too nervous to really try. Love to hear ideas, although we aren't going the crib-tent route.


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