Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Another First

Dear Logan,

You started Kindergarten today. You were so excited! I can already tell you are going to be such a good student and you will do well in school, because you already love learning. You often think of others and spent time explaining to your sisters that you were going to be in school and they would miss you. I don't think you were nervous at all, in fact I was more nervous than you.

Yesterday we were getting ready and I made you a sign to hold for a picture on the first day. You wanted to make your own sign to hold. You are a project-minded guy. Last week you worked on making a cardboard transformer costume, based on a video of one we watched together. You usually don't like to paint when I ask, but one day you decked out in a paint-shirt and got all the paint out, and painted your costume. You are a go-getter.

I know you will love Kindergarten. You will make friends and learn and grow. You are so big and just amazing.

I am so lucky I get to be your mom.



P. S. I really hope your loose tooth doesn't fall out at school. I want to be there for that. Just another first I don't want to miss.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Kids

With Logan starting school soon our lives will never quite be the same. And most of me is wishing he was going to preschool again. Too bad he is so big, maybe I could sneak in one more year if he were average-sized. 

Two two-year-olds is a challenge, but life is full of challenges. This is just our current one. They are cute, just trouble-makers. We had to install a chain on our front door. They figured out how to escape, I also wouldn't mind if their fine-motor skills were lagged a bit behind. It is amazing to realize how big my kids are, crazy big. And wanting to be independent. 


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