Monday, December 27, 2010

Chistmas, you are missed

This is why . . .

Logan and I played in the snow.

I get to have Josh home from work for several days straight, I run around like a chicken with its head cut off, and then spend a beautiful Christmas Eve and Day with my little family.

Today, beautiful girls.

with a silly brother.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Parties

We were able to go up to Logan over the weekend, everybody has a cold, but we didn't want to miss out, so hopefully we didn't get anyone sick! Logan, the girls and I are on about over it, but Josh is in the midst.

I am so glad we able to make it and spend some time with family. I just love Christmas.

I had some time and asked Logan what we could do together. He wanted to make pancakes and cut them in shapes like Grandma Wood does. So we did it!

Guess who watched me open the bottom drawer and figured how to do it over and over and over and over again? Miss Eden, that's who.

Miss Tess

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A few recents

My picture taking has been not as frequent lately, mostly because of this . . .

bow-grabbing, and roly-polying. Miss Tess now also rolls onto her stomach from her back, so with Miss Eden pretty much getting anywhere she needs to go by rolling and pivoting, and Tessa now rolling all over, pictures are not easy to take. They are almost sitting up without support, so maybe once they are doing that without toppling, but we still get a few good ones in here and there :)

We put our Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving! That is the earliest we have done that in our marriage! Yay! I love having them up. Logan helped decorate the tree and has rearranged it about 100 times! So fun having kids at Christmas. He loves to play with the nativity, although I don't have any kid-friendly ones, luckily he is careful. He keeps saying he loves when Jesus was a little guy. I am not quite sure where he got that, but funny nonetheless.

Thanksgiving day girls.

Anytime I get out the camera Logan wants to be in the pictures and take his own.

I love this picture. This is pretty much the way it looks at our house. Little babies rolling on the floor playing with toys, when they aren't eating food. (I have to take a picture of their messy faces one of these days. Feeding two babies is messy and cute at the same time) Although this picture is missing their big brother playing with them. They love him.

Miss Tess figured out how to nod and it is about the funniest thing I have ever seen. She will look you in the eyes and nod like she is trying to say something. One day they were eating and Eden was getting mad and crying. Tessa just looks into her eyes and starts nodding. I laughed out loud.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Play

I sometimes can't get movies to work, that is why I haven't posted one in about the last year or so, but this one seems to be working, it is lower quality, but the girls are playing and still fun to watch, at least I think ;). Eden is getting into everything and Tessa won't be too far behind her. Time to baby-proof I guess. With Mr. Logan now into everything tiny, including Legos, we will see. Babies grow too fast :(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My little family is adorable.

I have the bestest friend in the whole wide world. You know the one? When you get back together it was like you never were apart. Well mine just so happens to be super-talented, too.

The only problem is I am using one of the pictures for my Christmas card, so if I usually send you a Christmas card, when it comes pretend like you have never seen the picture before, and if I haven't mailed you a Christmas card in the past, (yes through the USPS) get me your address and you can have our family pic hang on your fridge this year. With these twiners around I am trying to give myself plenty of time to get a few Christmas things done this year.


Eden and Tessa have now tried solids. That's right. The difference between having one and three is, with Logan we took a video and I actually had make-up on when we entered him into the new phase of eating solids. It was a big deal. I planned to do on exactly the day he turned 6 months. And with the girls Eden has basically been begging to start solids and the only real reason I hadn't done it yet was the mess. Don't get me wrong, I know kids should be messy and I want them to be, but I just wasn't sure I was ready for the day in and day out mess that I knew was inevitably coming. Finally Tuesday morning, 2 weeks to their 6-month marker, I decided it was just going to happen, and we did get a couple pics, for the special occasion.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Lightning Logan!

His arch nemeses "the Bee" and "the Monster"!

two teeth! Beautiful blue-eyed girl!

No teeth, but teething. Beautiful greenish-eye girl!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sneak Peek

My little pumpkin. Who hasn't really been into napping today.

But not a real sneak peek, because it isn't her official costume.

I knew she was teething, but on Sunday I felt a tooth, a real tooth. One day after the girlies turned 5 months old. Logan was 7 months and she beat her sister, so the earliest teether of the three.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Big 3-0

Happy Birthday from your best friend and wife who is still in love with you and thinks you are a hottie.

and two daddy's little girls who smile every time they see your face when you come home from work.

and one little boy who wants to be you and fixes thing exactly how he has seen you do.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Today (and the other day)

This picture is from the other day. They can't wear these outfits on Halloween, or the day before, because that is saved for costumes, so I am dressing them in their Halloween gear whenever it is clean, I decided.

These pictures are from today. (While I take more pictures these days, I don't have the time to post them all, so at least I can be current, right?) I love dressing the girls up. In fact, sometimes I want to take a picture everyday, just so I can remember how fun it is to get them dressed, and with girl twins I have so many options, matching, coordinating, or just two cute outfits, hmmm.

I decided today I just love right now. today. everyday. It is tough, but I love it. Being a mom, I amn't perfect, but I try hard at it. And I think I have the 3 most beautiful children that ever existed. I really, really do. Gorgeous.

Monday, October 11, 2010

5 minutes

I have a minute to post! 3 sleeping children never happens during the day!

Tessa and Eden went to their 4 month Dr. appointment a couple weeks ago. They had to get shots, but I was more prepared, so I think it went better :)

Eden, 12 lbs. 3 oz. 40%, 25" 75%
Tessa, 11 lbs. 3 oz. 30%, 24 1/2" 55%

The Dr. said whatever we are doing is working, concerning their growth, so I felt better, I just have thin babies. Health-wise they are doing well!

One morning Logan got up and made identical towers with his blocks while Josh and I were both still asleep. I thought it was great. The towers and that he let us sleep, even though he was awake.

As much as he gets in their faces, these girls LOVE their brother. Honestly, Eden laughs much harder at Logan than anyone else.

We traveled for the first time with the girls, it was fun to see family, but the girls like their home. We did get some pictures, which I am happy for, because I never take time to do it around here.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Logan and I about 2 years ago.

Me and my crew these days.

I like blogging in that it keeps a record. My journaling and scrapbook have suffered since being married and having children. Looking back I think I was so wise, why do I have to continually remind myself of these things:

My Simple Thoughts

Thoughts on Motherhood Again

Feeling Blessed

Sometimes I think, my girls are almost 4 months old!? Wow, the time flies and I hate how fast babies grow. And other times I think there is not enough chocolate to endure day to day. Sometimes I think Logan is going through the terrible threes and I get after him all the time. Other times I get to take him on a "kid date" (thanks to Kathy) and it is really fun. I miss it being just him and me.

Sometimes is hard being a mom, but I have been trying to read things that remind me how important and crucial it is to the children. I am trying.

Other thoughts:

I think Eden and Tessa are so lucky to have each other. Thinking about it, it would have been nice to have a twin-built in best friend- when I was growing up. Lucky them.

I wish my Grandma Wood were still here to help me with this twin thing.

Even though I know I was pretty lucky to have Logan naps as long as I did. I still miss them. I think they are almost officially gone.

If only I had more time, or I didn't have to sleep. I could get more things done. There seems to be so much to do.

Luckily I get to spend my days with a superhero.


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