Friday, October 15, 2010

Today (and the other day)

This picture is from the other day. They can't wear these outfits on Halloween, or the day before, because that is saved for costumes, so I am dressing them in their Halloween gear whenever it is clean, I decided.

These pictures are from today. (While I take more pictures these days, I don't have the time to post them all, so at least I can be current, right?) I love dressing the girls up. In fact, sometimes I want to take a picture everyday, just so I can remember how fun it is to get them dressed, and with girl twins I have so many options, matching, coordinating, or just two cute outfits, hmmm.

I decided today I just love right now. today. everyday. It is tough, but I love it. Being a mom, I amn't perfect, but I try hard at it. And I think I have the 3 most beautiful children that ever existed. I really, really do. Gorgeous.


Darwin and Kiara said...

I totally agree, Tiffany. You have adorable kids. And I LOVE the Halloween outfits! Absolutely darling!!

Chelece said...

Cute photos. You do have adorable kids and you are a fabulous mother. Thanks for the update. It's always fun to see pictures of your kids.

Valarie said...

So, so cute! I had a dream last night that Tessa was rolling over and over and happy about it. Girls are really fun to dress. I think we should all be happy with here and now. Thanks for the reminder.


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