Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Parties

We were able to go up to Logan over the weekend, everybody has a cold, but we didn't want to miss out, so hopefully we didn't get anyone sick! Logan, the girls and I are on about over it, but Josh is in the midst.

I am so glad we able to make it and spend some time with family. I just love Christmas.

I had some time and asked Logan what we could do together. He wanted to make pancakes and cut them in shapes like Grandma Wood does. So we did it!

Guess who watched me open the bottom drawer and figured how to do it over and over and over and over again? Miss Eden, that's who.

Miss Tess


Chelece said...

Cute photos. It was fun to see you guys!

Chrissy said...

Super cute pictures!! I am so glad you guys came even though you weren't feeling good. :( We love Akasha's skirt, I really want to buy more fabric and have you make some for summer! Can't wait to see you guys again. Love ya!

Valarie said...

Love the green Christmas pancakes! Way to go Eden! Thanks for the Christmas visit.


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