Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Logan truly Lost his first tooth

I started this blog when Logan was 3 months old. I posted about his first tooth, and here I am posting about him losing it :)
We were eating some pizza and watching a movie on Friday night. Suddenly he says, "WHERE IS MY TOOTH?!" We looked all over, but we decided he must have swallowed it. His tooth has been loose awhile, so we have been talking about him "loosing" it. He turned to us after we couldn't find it and says. "I really did lose it, I guess." Ha! Comedian.

Lucky for him the Tooth Fairy still came for the fist time to our home :)

And a couple of fan pics :) Tessa is saying "BYU"


Vhari said...

Gen still hasn't lost her first tooth yet. Maybe she'll be keeping them. I miss you guys!

Chelece said...

Congrats on the tooth loss. What a great story swallowing the tooth and everything. I love it!

g said...

G lost one of his teeth in a slice of pizza, as well. And, that's funny about his joke. I'm glad he wasn't traumatized by truly "losing" his tooth.

MOMster said...

Congrats Logan, for surviving the first lost tooth! That's an exciting day for all!


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