Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Sweet Finds

So, I've wanted get a cute lamp for Logan since before he was born, and today we found one.

I also decided before Logan was born that he was going to love trains. Or rather, I like to think that I sensed that he would like them.

So today while we were walking though the Stonewater showroom we bought him this sweet train lamp. It has a antique looking train base that Logan isn't going to grow out of in a couple of years.

The lampshade has a two toned look that, again, adds to the vintage style. (The light isn't on in the picture.)

We also bought a "Bless Our Home" wall decoration to match the "Families Are Forever" one that Justin & Jana gave me for Christmas.



Chrissy said...

I love the lamp! It's beautiful, so antique looking! That's really cool that you have the other frames match!

The Roundy's said...

What a great find!

Tiffany said...

Great lamp! I love it!


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