Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Keith Urban

On 9/11/07 I went to the Keith Urban concert at the Energy Solutions Arena. Michelle got the tickets about six months ago, before Logan was born. I hadn't left him for longer than about 2 hours, so I was a little nervous. I went to the concert and had a really good time. It was nice, because being away from Logan made me realize how much I really do love being a mother. At the same time I need to remember to take some time to do things for myself, and have fun!

This is Beth, Jana, Michelle and I at the concert. It was a fun little DeWitt sister outing.


Rochelle said...

How fun to get out with the girls! I agree that spending even a little bit of time away from your kids makes you realize just how much you love them. And your family pictures turned out adorable! I love the brown shirts next to the fall scenery.

heather taylor photography said...

haha! I was at that concert too!! It was SOOOO much fun, huh? From your pictures it doesn't seem like I was sitting near you, but it was such an awesome concert!


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