Tuesday, August 19, 2008

17 months . . . Him?

When people ask how old Logan is, I have started saying 17 months recently, because he turns 17 months on Saturday. 17 months. That seems so old. He is changing so quickly. Lately . . . . . .

*He knocks on doors and things with his whole fist. He especially loves to shut a door and knock, and then wait for you to knock back. He will wait for a surprisingly long time. He also loves knocking on the bathroom door while people are in there, I think Josh taught him that one.

*He loves to play with anything and everything that isn't a toy. He especially loves kitchen utensils. He empties the drawers he can reach all the time. Lately he has been finding Josh's ipod and of course continuing to wake up the computer by pressing the keyboard or mouse. He will even wiggle the mouse around.

*He is discovering what his body can do. He will sit on the floor and slowly lay himself down over and over and over again. He also loves to lay himself down in the bathtub.

*He mimics everything we do. And it keeps us pretty entertained.

*He loves to open drawers and he loves to hide things in places they don't belong. If we are ever missing anything we have to search in the least likely spots or hot spots Logan generally puts things.

*He is fearless when it comes to the dark. Every once in a while we accidentally leave the bathroom door open and he will go in there and shut the door, there are no windows and it is pitch black with the door closed. He will do his knocking game, and when we open the door he just smiles and laughs.

*He loves to climb and run.

*He loves books, and will bring book after book to have us read, or want us to read the same book over and over and over again.

*With his new-found realization that he has control over his world in some aspects also comes frustration (for both the child and the parents) at times when we won't let him do things.

*We have communication! It doesn't always work exactly how we would have hoped, but he does understand a lot. He also understands that even though we say "No" he still is able to choose whether or not to listen. Soon I hope he will be able to reason with. He is doing lots of signs and if you say, "Logan can you say . . . " He makes a valiant effort to repeat what you said, and it is fun to hear the new words he says. His little "Please, more" makes my heart melt and I can't help but give him what he wants a lot of the time.

He loves to get the broom and "sweep"

He loves hiding himself in Josh's closet!

He says "Cheese" when you take pictures of him.

Black or Pinto beans? Most definitely black.


Valarie said...

That wears me out just looking at all the things he does. Love, grandma

camilleDalton said...

He is so cute! I love his chub! I love chubby kids, don't you want to just eat them up?

Chrissy said...

I can't believe how big Logan is!! He's HUGE! It's so awesome all of the things he's doing now. I can't believe how fast they grow up. He's not a baby anymore! He's a big boy! I love the pictures!

Marc & Lori Johnson said...

Tiff, he really is getting so big! He has one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen! I can tell you are a fabulous mother!

Steve Weller said...

Wow-what a guy. He is getting really big! Certainly not a baby anymore. And of course, it is a dad's job to teach their kids to knock on the bathroom door. It's what we do best.

Tiffany said...

I'm impressed that Logan will even eat beans! Nate won't touch them even though I try hard!
Way cute pics- Logan is such a handsome kid!

The Roundy's said...

He's so cute! It's fun to hear about all the new things he's learning and doing. It's hard to believe he's gotten so grown up. The last time I saw him he was still crawling and now he's all over the place! He always looks so adorable too. I especially love that bandana and his Husker outfit. :D

Niel & Brittany Lund Family said...

What a cutie. Where did you get the little Husker outfit?


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