Wednesday, January 23, 2008

10 months

Logan's Grandma Wood sent him this place-mat and it happened to come on his 10-month birthday. Thanks Grandma!

Here's what Logan has been up to:
*Cheesing for the camera
*Waving (we went to ward choir and I was holding him while the director was leading and he looked up at her and started waving to her.)
*Giving Kisses (but only on his time-table not when asked! The other day I got some baby-food out of the cupboard and asked him if he wanted some tomato-beef and he promptly gave me a kiss)
*Opening and closing everything (especially the wipes, it is becoming impossible to change his diaper because he wants to look at everything within his reach)
*Getting into everything (purses, boxes, laundry baskets, etc.)
*Taking things off shelves
*Banging everything with toys or his hands and listening to the different sounds they make
*Throwing his toys, especially when he is in the stroller
*Eating everything that is put on his tray and getting frustrated while being fed, because I can never get it into his mouth fast enough
*Improving his drinking-from-a-cup skills, although he often gets a little too excited
*Ear-piercing screaming, which has developed just this week. We are hoping it is a little trick he will soon get bored of, before our eardrums burst.
*Everything electrical--keyboard, remotes, and especially phones.

His gentile laid-back baby stage has definitely come to a close and his toddler stage is wide open. He knows what he wants and often gets frustrated when he can't have it.

We took him out in the snow on Monday and he had a smile from ear to ear the entire time, although he had to squint his eyes because it was so bright outside!


Josh said...

Ear-piercing screams is a bit of an understatment. The windows rattle and my ears ring afterwards. I hope the neighbors don't call the police thinking that some screaming child is being killed. If anything's being killed it's my hearing.

The Roundy's said...

*lol* What a great list! He's just such a cute kid! I love it when they start to really explore and learn about the world around them, although it can make things like diaper changes nearly impossible! Oh, and don't worry, the screaming will taper off eventually, especially since no one's encouraging it. For a while there Sarah and Ben had screaming contests every chance they got. Even though it's mostly stopped now, I swear my ears are still ringing!

Valarie said...

He's absolutely adorable! Love, grandma and grandpa Wood

Karen said...

I love how much hair he has now!! He's definitely a cutie. We love the pic of him in the box. Too cute!!

Chrissy said...

Logan is the cutest thing ever! I just miss you guys all to DEATH! I know I say this every time, but he's growing up sooo fast, I can't even keep up with it! That's too bad about the screaming, I'm definitely not looking forward to that! I love you all!

Sheri said...

And check out the look on his face when he's holding that paper towel roll or whatever it is. It's pretty mischevious. :)

Elizabeth said...

Those pictures are adorable. I can't believe some of the faces he is making. You can tell he has personality. He is just going to be a charmer when he grows up.

Janell R. Cropper said...

He is pretty much one of the cutest kids I have ever seen! So much fun! I have no doubt that you absolutely LOVE being a stay at home mom!


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