Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Using the Pincher Grasp

We decided it was about time for Logan to start practicing picking up food on his own, so I bought the Gerber graduate stars (although I still break them in half!) and we have been letting him work on getting them in his mouth. It has been hilarious to watch, and surprisingly he hasn't gotten all that frustrated, but he is getting much better. At first he was still trying to rake them with all his fingers so he would end up with two hands full of little pieces of food and none in his mouth. He is starting to use the pincher grasp, but he still doesn't always let go of the piece of food so he ends up with a very mushy piece clasped in between his thumb and pointer finger. His second little tooth came up a few days ago, and he has started trying to bite with the little teeth. He does get some in his mouth which happens at the very beginning of the video, it always makes him smile! I love watching him develop through every little step of life.

He has also started nodding and shaking his head, which doesn't necessarily mean anything yet, I think he has just figured out that he is taking part of the conversation. It does provide a lot of entertainment for Josh and I, because we are constantly asking him questions and waiting to see if he will nod or shake his head.


Chrissy said...

That's so cute! The videos are the BEST! He's growing so fast! I love you all!

The Roundy's said...

He is so handsome! I love when they start feeding themselves. I'm a big fan of those Gerber stars too.

Valarie said...

Way to go Logan! Looks like he's ambidextrous for now. That is a great milestone. Love, grandma Wood


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