Thursday, January 8, 2009

One More Christmas Gift

Dear Josh,

I know I haven't thanked you enough for the sensory table you made me for Christmas. You have always been and will always be a thoughtful gift-giver, of which I can never even come close to matching. Even when I think I have done pretty well, you pull out amazing gifts that I didn't even know existed ; ). Thank you for taking so much time and energy in putting the plans together for the sensory table, making it fit into itself, so it can store easily, and making it pretty much just perfect. I have loved playing in it with Logan so far and I look forward to the many fun ideas I can come up with of things to put in!




Bob said...

I agree with Tif that is one GREAT gift. Every two-year-old should be so lucky to have such great parents. Love, mom/grandma

Chrissy said...

You and Josh are the only ones who followed the "Christmas rules" and I think Josh's gift was so thoughtful and very useful for the whole family! The pictures are big again!!! THANKS!!

Karen said...

Nicely done Josh. What to go!

nate_clarlaw said...


Hey, I just found your blog through Kristins! I can't believe you have a little boy... and an adorable one at that!

I'm glad you guys are doing good! And Congrats on your sensory table - they sure are fun!! I'm still taking classes (I know... I'm such a slacker) and have Kaelin as a teacher - she is always giving me updates on everyone... it's great!

Anyway, I'm excited to see you in the blog world! If you're interested, check us out at :



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