Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Remember and Cherish Always

Logan's great-grandma Wood passed away on 8/10/07, almost 2 weeks ago. It is interesting, because she died suddenly. She was 83 and had heart problems in the past, but she didn't have any real problems at the time. She was reading a good book and just passed away. The nice thing is she didn't have any major suffering or stay in the hospital. The other thing I am so grateful for is, about two months ago we took Logan to visit family in Logan and I was able to take these two great pictures with his great-grandma Wood. The picture above is just so special to me, because Logan was smiling while my grandma was talking and Josh snapped the picture at just the perfect time. I will always remember my last time and Logan's first and last time to see my grandma Wood.


Anonymous said...

That was just right,
Thanks, mom

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful Tiff. The pictures are perfect. I love you!


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